Cellular Tower Collocation & Construction

S & K Electrical Contracting specializes S & K Electrical Contracting specializes specialize in collocation sites, has the ability to handle the construction of cellular communication towers, and other wireless communication facilities. We provide you with the management, manpower, and resources to get your communications project built on time and within budget.

S & K Electrical Contracting offers several advantages over competing tower construction firms:

Short Constrution Timetable

Our project managers are in the field and exercise tight controls over our projects which shortens construction time and helps keep your costs down.

Whatever you need

Whether you need wireless, fiber optic, or microwave facilities including tower sites, water tanks, rooftops, tenant build-outs, or switches, we can build it for you.

Wherever you need it

We have a network of regional offices across the country. Wherever you need to build, we can be there.


Your construction project is expertly handled by project managers, field supervisors, and support staff who have collectively over 100 years experience in constructing communication facilities nationwide.

Quality Control

Our quality control and superior service ensures you get what you want and get it right the first time.

Demonstrated diverse capabilities

Whether selling your tower assets, looking for a tower development solution, or implementing your own network build-out, we deliver what you need with maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Contact us today to discuss your next cellular tower construction project.